Master CBRNe

Department of Industrial Engineering and School of Medicine and Surgery

The International Master Courses in Protection against CBRNe events (I and II level) of the University of Rome
Tor Vergata, are designed to provide advanced skills in the CBRNe sector. The training offer of the Masters is
organized into two courses, a first level course intended to train the “First Responders” and a second level
course for the “Decision makers”.

The “1st Level Master Course ‐ First Responder” lasts two years (120 ECTS) and it is opened to persons with
a bachelor degree or equivalent title. The course releases an official academic title.

The “2nd Level Master Course in “Protection against CBRNe events” ‐ ADVANCED LEVEL for CBRNe ADVISORS
of DECISION MAKERS lasts one year (60 ECTS) and it is opened to persons with a master degree or equivalent
title (or to the persons that have completed the 1st level Master Course). The course releases an official
academic title and opens to the possibility to reach Ph.D. programs.

The International Master courses, unique in Europe to have the NATO selected status and unique in the world
to have a cooperation with OPCW, are officially affiliated with the Italian Presidency of the Council of
Ministers, Ministry of the Defense and Ministry of Interior.