Safety Protection Equipment is a brand of premium grade PPE born and
raised inside Italian rubber and plastic goods historical manufacturer and
engineering company: Mestel Safety.

Mestel Safety is also part of the family owned OceanReefGroup whom
encompasses all the businesses of the Gamberini family ranging from
scuba diving, to snorkeling, medical and protection equipment.
The group’s and family history go back 70+ years – known initially for its
work as an OEM manufacturer – then gradually moving into creating
brands with a foothold in various markets, the diversification mentality of
the group has always been evident. In 1993 a US based company was
acquired and during the same period of time, from the first Gulf War to
the invasion of Iraq, the PPE products became of central focus again,
culminating in the creation of a full line for NBC protection, military
application, civil protection and anti-riot.

One of the first Gas Masks to move to a concept where the visor bears
weight and gives rigidity to the product, while lodging a comfortable and
reliable seal, the SGE masks are an appreciated, Italian Made, high
quality product.

The 30 yearlong physical presence on the US market has given Safety
Protection Equipment a satisfying reach and has proven convenient to
create synergies for unique military productions and projects with US
government related companies.

With an Italian and American soul, the Group thrives in the everchanging
landscape of modern markets, investing in the core knowledge related
to materials, molding, engineering of Full-Face products.